Cava-poo Puppies for Sale!

This is a low to non-shedding and hypo-allergenic hybrid.
Unless otherwise noted, all Cava-poo female puppies are $600.00; male puppies are $500.00 each.
Plus sales tax, if applicable.


0012/0415 female born 1-30-2014 Sold!


0015/0418 female born 1-30-2014  Sold!


0103/1431 male born 12-4-2013 Sold!


This is Jake, one of our adult Cava-poo's that came by to say "hello!"
(Jake is not for sale.)


0369 male born 7-16-2013 Sold!


0099/0576 female born 7-14-2013 Sold!


0101/0582 female born 7-14-2013 Sold!


117/336/514 female born 7-17-2012 Sold!


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